• We want to be able to sit down with management to address our concerns about care issues, like staffing. That’s why we’re uniting for a stronger voice – for ourselves and our patients.

  • I work 106 hours every two weeks for Pittsburgh’s largest employer and so-called charity. But I still have to use the food bank to feed my family. I’m standing up for change because I want to be able to tell my son and the kids in my neighborhood that if they get a job and work hard, they’ll get somewhere.

  • My coworkers and I just took a big step toward improving our jobs and making our hospital the best that it can be. Let’s keep moving forward! Now is the time for all hospital workers to come together for good jobs and a healthy city.

  • I love caring for my patients. I also love my family, and I want to be able to provide the very best for them and for their future. I’m talking to my co-workers about supporting the Hospital Workers Rising Agenda, because frontline caregivers need to unite for a voice in health care.


Support the Hospital Workers Rising agenda for better jobs and better healthcare in Pittsburgh.